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So, What’s The Story?

Don’t Sell ’em. Tell ’em! Okay, here’s a story: Once Upon A Time in the mid-90s, Larry Page and Sergei Brin were two young IT developers looking to make a name for themselves. One day they invented a new search…
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Wipe. Overlap. Dissolve.

Good Video Editing Makes You A Cut Above The Rest! After working in the advertising industry for more than 20 years, I’ve spent many hours in a video suite chomping on M&Ms and swigging down sodas while watching over the…
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6 Simple Ways To Build Your Self Confidence

Build Your Confidence As You Build Your Business. After running an ad agency for 20+ years, I know for a fact that not even the most significant leaders can escape periods where they lack self-confidence. Your self-confidence isn’t a static quality…
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12 Questions I Asked Myself Before Starting An Online Marketing Business (#6 was definitely the one that pushed me over the brink)

Before I decided to enter the field of online marketing, I asked myself some serious questions to discover if this was really the right niche for me.  1. “Why do I want my own Internet Marketing Business?” Before deciding to…
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Wanna Know The Secret To Creating YOUR Vision For Success?

After many years in the advertising industry, I (and many others in my field) have learned the secret key to achieving success is to visualize yourself accomplishing your goal. I know what you’re thinking: “Too simple…what’s the catch?” The truth is,…
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Ready Or Not…Here I Go!

I’m actually doing it — I’m taking the plunge! Yes today, February 14, 2019 (ironically Valentines Day), I am officially entering the world of Blogging. I never really understood what the word “blogging” meant. I always thought it was an amalgam…
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