6 Simple Ways To Build Your Self Confidence




Build Your Confidence

As You Build Your Business.

After running an ad agency for 20+ years, I know for a fact that not even the most significant leaders can escape periods where they lack self-confidence. Your self-confidence isn’t a static quality but rather a mindset that, when the going gets rough, can take some effort to maintain. It’s something that must be learned, practiced, and mastered — just like all your other skills. When you can master it, your life will change for the better. Here are six ways you can build your self-confidence.

1. Act the Part
The one thing that can instantly demonstrate self-assuredness, or scream insecurity, is your body language. You always want to present yourself in ways that say that you are ready to master any situation. Looking confident and acting the part will allow you to feel more in control and people will be much more confident with you as well.

2. Dress the Part
When you look better, you tend to feel better. Choosing clothing that fits well, and suits your industry and lifestyle, makes you feel good and will automatically increase your self-esteem. You have to look like the part you want to play.

3. Speak Assertively
Great speakers speak confidently in a steady and rhythmic tone rather than the flow being interrupted by “ums” and “ahs.” To build your confidence, adopt an assertive way of speaking that indicates your self-confidence. Avoid high-pitched, nervous chatter and giggles in your speech. This is sometimes easier said than done so take the time to practice. Do it in private as well as in front of friends. Record yourself than watch or listen to the way you deliver your message. The more you practice the more you will become comfortable with your speaking skills.

4. Think and Act Positively
Positive energy will always lead to positive outcomes, so create a mindset that sets your mind to the can-do side of situations. Visualize yourself as a success then work to become that person. Also, avoid the negative self-talk that can make you feel less confident. Always look for ways to smile, laugh, and surround yourself with positive people.

5. Take Action
There is more to being confident than merely dressing and acting the part. You have to take action. Inaction will breed doubt and fear while taking action will breed confidence and courage. When you practice being self-confident, you will soon find that it has become second nature. Again, Visualize!

6. Be Prepared
The more prepared you are for any given situation, the more confident you’ll feel about your competency and expertise. Being prepared will help you avoid getting tripped up by life’s unexpected challenges. Learn everything you can about your industry, your goals, and what drives you to success.

These six tips will help you boost your self-confidence. With some patience and perseverance, you will soon find yourself becoming a more confident YOU.



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