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Quizzing With

Burgers & Beers — Oh My!

It’s everybody’s favorite time of the day, “Happy Hour!” And what could be happier than testing your math skills using Burgers and Beers? So belly up to the bar and see if you can come up with the total amount, as well as the correct value for each of the three iconic Happy Hour items above: A Burger, a Draft Beer, and a Bottle of Beer.  

To make the hour even happier, I’m giving everyone who posts the correct answers into the Comments box below a FREE eBook copy of Business Venture Secrets by Ben Fargo. It’s filled with lots of great Digital Marketing tips and insights to help those just starting out in the business, as well as experienced marketers. 

So start drinkin’ and be thinkin’ of what the answers might be. Then send them my way. If they’re correct, I’ll be sending you a FREE eBook. Now won’t that make you happy… 


PS — For those of you who can’t stand not knowing the correct answers, I’ll post them in a future blog. Stay Thirsty My Friend.


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  1. Martin Platt


    Since nobody else has, I’ll have a go at this one…

    3 beer bottles = 30, 1 beer bottle = 10
    10 + 2 * burger = 20, 2 * burger = 10, burger = 5
    burger + 2 * glass of beer = 9, 2 * glass of beer = 4, glass of beer = 2

    Therefore, using precedence of multiply before addition…
    burger + (glass of beer * beer bottle) = ?
    5 + (s x 10) = 25.

    The difficulty for me was remembering the precedence.

    I like these sorts of puzzles, they’re fun!


    Martin Platt.


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