Ready Or Not…Here I Go!




Ready Or Not…Here I Go!

I’m actually doing it — I’m taking the plunge!

Yes today, February 14, 2019 (ironically Valentines Day), I am officially entering the world of Blogging. I never really understood what the word “blogging” meant. I always thought it was an amalgam of two words that described the process of logging bullshit into a journal, i.e. Bullshit + Logging = “Blogging”. In some cases, this may be true. But since I’ve now become a member of this illustrious group, I’ve come to learn it’s a simpler way of saying “weblog”, i.e. Web + Log = “Blog” (I’m guessing “Wog” just didn’t get the votes.)

So I’m happy to finally say “Welcome to my Blog!”

In case you don’t already know me (most of you probably don’t), my name is Ben Crain. I’m a husband, a father, a friend to many (an enemy of few) and an all-around swell guy who probably uses parenthetical comments way too much in his writings (sorry, it’s become a habit). Believe it or not, I’ve been a copywriter for over 20 years but I’ve never really written much about my thoughts or what I have to say. I’ve mainly put into words what a client wants to say or what a customer wants to hear (seldom the same words). Oops there I go again with the parenthesis. My writing led to me running a creative group in a national advertising agency then, ultimately, becoming co-owner of my own agency. You can learn more about that by clicking the “About” button in the menu above.

So, why blog you ask? Simple, I need to evolve. Due to the economic slump, we shut our agency down a few years back and I’ve been dabbling in a little freelance work here and there ever since. But I’ve come to realize my marketing skills in the physical world could go much further in the cyber world. The knowledge I have in what makes great Radio, TV, and Print, combined with my writing and production skills, could also be applied to produce highly effective digital click magnets. I look at what’s on YouTube and Facebook and see huge opportunities in which to plant my flag.

I also see opportunities to help others entering the Digital Marketing niche hone their skills. So I’m hoping “YOU”, dear reader, will continually visit my blog to watch my progress, learn from my accomplishments (as well as my mistakes), pick up a few tips now and then, and just have some fun. There might even be some free stuff given away from time to time. I promise, what I post will always be interesting and informative and never dull (in other words, there won’t be any Bullshit in My Blog!) Parenthetically speaking…


Ever wonder how I’ve been able to learn the ways of navigating the cyber passageways of Digital Marketing in such a short time?

Well here’s the scoop:  I’ve been researching this niche for the past year and have followed (and purchased products from) some of the most successful digital marketers on the internet. The one thing most of these top sellers have in common is the fact that they got their insights and training through the John Thornhill Partnership To Succes program (or P2S). So I’m proud to say I’ve joined the program and now have a strategy, and a coach, to help me bring my marketing skills into this lucrative niche. 

And if you’re ready to fast-track your business at lightning speed, check out John’s VIP Ambassador webinar. It’s FREE, it’s concise and it will absolutely show you how you can start making money by this time tomorrow. Just click on this link. I highly recommend it!








  1. Ben Thompson

    Congratulations and Best of Luck!

    1. BenCrain (Post author)

      Thanks so much Ben! (great name by the way)

      Fingers crossed…


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