Wanna Know The Secret To Creating YOUR Vision For Success?




Wanna Know The Secret

To Creating YOUR

Vision For Success?

After many years in the advertising industry, I (and many others in my field) have learned the secret key to achieving success is to visualize yourself accomplishing your goal. 

I know what you’re thinking: “Too simple…what’s the catch?” The truth is, there is no catch! If you train your brain to envision your success on a regular basis, what some may consider pie in the sky dreaming can come to life because your mind subconsciously works out ways to make those visions a reality. I’ve used visualization many times throughout my career because it works!

But many people get impatient and lose their focus. If you lose sight of your vision, you begin to lose the hope that you once had. I too have experienced this in my earlier days and let me tell you, when you lose hope it’s game over.

I look at the lives of the ones who’ve lost their focus and it’s not a pretty picture. Many have just given up and sit around thinking “poor, poor me”. They seem to have let their vision of success simply fade away, and now all they have left is this crazy victim mentality. I remember those thoughts as well, so I know how easy it is to get to that place in life.

Statistics show the majority of rookie entrepreneurs are going to fail at trying to achieve their financial goals when first starting out. This is a reality we all have to accept. Most don’t continue to take the required action needed to finally reach their goals and they just give up.

But there is a choice you can make at this point.

You need to work on getting your vision back. Formulate and brand indelibly into your brain a mental picture of yourself succeeding in life, then visualize it continuously. What does this picture look like? Go ahead — dare to dream! Once you get that picture in your head keep it there and do not under any circumstance permit it to fade. Your mind will seek ways to begin to develop this picture into a reality. NEVER think of yourself as failing; NEVER doubt the reality of that mental image. You need to always be picturing success no matter how bad things currently seem to be going in your life.

Many of us have taken on a “just get by” mentality. If your vision is small, the outcome will be small. The size of your vision will have a tremendous influence on the size of its result. Keep your vision sharp and clear in your head. Even if you’re feeling lazy or lethargic, take 5 minutes out of your day to go somewhere quiet and visualize what you want to achieve. Stay close to your vision, and take action every day to work towards it.

If you haven’t already, please try to visualize what you hope to accomplish. And let me know what happens. Nothing pleases me more than knowing how much this little secret can really change others’ lives for the better.


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