Everyone Thinks They’re A Creative Genius.



Everyone Thinks They’re

A Creative Genius!

Unfortunately, That’s Not Always The Case!


After working for more than half my life as both a copywriter and creative director, I’ve learned a thing or two about the marketing industry. One particular tidbit that never ceases to amaze me is:

When it comes to advertising, everybody (especially clients) thinks they’re a creative genius!

Now don’t get me wrong I do believe, once in a while, anybody can come up with a clever headline, a great copy angle, or even The Big Idea. But most often these flashes of brilliance come up quite late in the game, and are usually never fully thought out. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to politely smile, walk away, count to 10, then return to tell an eager account manager that the oh-so-cute headline he or she just came up with (most of the time while using the bathroom) just wasn’t quite right for the campaign.

Sure, “Lettuce Spray Before We Eat!” sounded great at first, but it didn’t exactly fit the bill considering the product was an insecticide! Yes, someone really suggested we present this to the client (we didn’t).

It’s unfiltered headlines and concepts like these that have made me realize that there’s a niche out there just waiting to be filled that will help creative wannabes succeed. So I’ve decided to delve further into this “Creative Marketing” niche and come up with a way I can take the knowledge and skills that I’ve acquired over the years and develop a product or training course that will give this group a creative edge in the digital marketing field.

After years of running a brick-and-mortar advertising agency, I decided to close up shop, relax a little, and do a little consulting now and then. A major client who decided to go out of business made that decision happen a bit sooner than expected!

Once I began working from home as a Creative Gun For Hire, I realized digital marketing was a vast frontier I hadn’t really considered entering. When I saw the kind of amateurish marketing materials that were out there, and how online advertisers seemed to be successfully selling them to other digital marketers, I decided that maybe I should dip my toe in the water. So I did!

I knew that if I was really going to make a go of this, I was going to need a coach who had the experience and expertise to get me up to speed within the digital marketing community. After doing almost a year of research, I discovered John Thornhill and his Partnership to Success program, or P2S.

His course not only teaches the ins and outs of setting up an online business, it focuses on helping you develop your own unique product to market to the millions of potential online purchasers, as well as affiliate marketers.

John also offers members a chance to join his VIP Ambassadors program to immediately begin bringing in sales, while continuing through the P2S course. So far, I’ve been extremely impressed with P2S, John’s coaching, and the results I’ve gotten from being a VIP Ambassador.

I’m excited to say I’ve reached the level of P2S where I now get to actually create, develop, and launch my own product. John will be helping me every step of the way through his coaching, but I’d also like YOUR help as well.

As I begin going through the creative process, I would very much like to get your opinion on various elements within the product I will ultimately launch. Since you’re most likely someone whom I might eventually be targeting, your input would be extremely important and appreciated.

For instance, I’m now working on a name for my product. So far, I’ve come up with three possibilities:

Please let me know which one you like best, or if there might be a better alternative. Thanks!

My plan is to continue this blog as a weekly progress report to take you through the various stages of the P2S program and let you see, first-hand, what it takes to launch a product online. I hope you’ll be coming along for the ride!

Ever wonder how I’ve been able to learn the ways of navigating the cyber passageways of Digital Marketing in such a short time?

Well here’s the scoop:  I’ve been researching this niche for the past year and have followed (and purchased products from) some of the most successful digital marketers on the internet. The one thing most of these top sellers have in common is the fact that they got their insights and training through the John Thornhill Partnership To Succes program (or P2S). So I’m proud to say I’ve joined the program and now have a strategy, and a coach, to help me bring my marketing skills into this lucrative niche. 

And if you’re ready to fast-track your business at lightning speed, check out John’s VIP Ambassador webinar. It’s FREE, it’s concise and it will absolutely show you how you can start making money by this time tomorrow. Just click on this link. I highly recommend it!






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