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Got An Itch To Tantalize Your Niche?

      First, Find Out What They’re Hungry For. You might already know this, but just in case, I’d like to cover what a niche market is and what it’s not. Some people are under the misconception that a…
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Sell The Idea Of Success And People Will Buy

      Have you noticed that a rather large percentage of your customers don’t actually USE your products? You’re selling a viable product that guides your customers to a specific outcome, such as making money or losing weight. And…
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Earning Passive Income Is Easier Than You Think!

    Earning Passive Income Is Easier Than You Think Here’s How You Could Earn An Extra $3,000 Per Month! You’re already familiar with regular affiliate programs, but did you know there are two-tier affiliate programs as well? For example, you…
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“I Wet My Pants Coming Up With This Idea!

      “I Wet My Pants Coming Up With This Idea!” That’s what I told my soon-to-be new client as I presented the winning concept The client was a regional car dealer who was looking for a fresh new angle…
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Everyone Thinks They’re A Creative Genius.

    Everyone Thinks They’re A Creative Genius! Unfortunately, That’s Not Always The Case!   After working for more than half my life as both a copywriter and creative director, I’ve learned a thing or two about the marketing industry….
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So, What’s The Story?

      Don’t Sell ’em. Tell ’em! Okay, here’s a story: Once Upon A Time in the mid-90s, Larry Page and Sergei Brin were two young IT developers looking to make a name for themselves. One day they invented…
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